Ibec Employment Law Conference 2019


The balancing of gender equality and caring responsibilities remains a key challenge in achieving diversity in the workplace.  The introduction of paid paternity leave in Ireland in recent years aimed to correct what had previously been an overwhelming emphasis on the role of working women in this respect. A number of employment law policies are now gaining traction on the sharing of maternity leave, longer (and paid) parental leave for both parents and the introduction of work/life balance measures. At this year’s conference, we evaluate which of these proposals are likely to become law, how soon and in what form.  


In addition, we will examine recent employment law developments and review the five most significant employment law cases of the last 12 months. As employers will know, equality challenges are not restricted to issues of gender, but cover every aspect of the employment relationship from recruitment to retirement.


To get a unique insight into developments in employment law from an employer’s perspective, register here to attend this year’s Ibec Employment Law Conference.

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