Accelerating Ireland's digital ambition




  • Planning starts for new National Digital Strategy
  • Government expected to consult further in Q4
  • Feedback from Ibec members is needed


The Action Plan for Jobs, 2018 commits to the completion of a framework for the development of a new National Digital Strategy (NDS). Ibec wants Ireland to accelerate its digital ambition to maximise the economic and societal benefits from cross-sectoral digital transformation.


Advancing our national digital agenda was a key element of Ibec’s APJ submission in September, 2017. We support a new NDS with the political commitment, ambition, priorities, actions and right structures to enable effective engagement and implementation.


Ibec and other stakeholders met with Government at initial roundtable discussions on the shape of a new NDS in June. Ibec outlined its manifesto for making Ireland a global digital leader. Ibec priorities include:


  1. Enhance co-ordination between government departments and business in intensifying Ireland’s cross-sectoral digital transformation and deliver a national action plan to support the digital transformation of our enterprise sectors.
  2. Intensifying Ireland’s political engagement with international partners – complete a EU digital single market that enables further connectivity, innovation, jobs and well-being.
  3. Identify and and address skill gaps that help government, businesses and individuals succeed in the new digitalised economy.
  4. Encouraging further conditions that enable digital innovation and entrepreneurship – deliver the National Broadband Plan intervention and promote progressive R&D and tax regimes.

Government is expected to begin a deeper consultion in Q4 for the development of a new NDS. Ibec’s digital economy policy committee plan to respond to this consultion. Comments from interested members is welcome and encouraged.


Pictured are Ibec Head of Digital Economy Policy, Erik O'Donovan; Minister of State for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection, Pat Breen TD; Country Managing Director for Accenture Ireland and Chair of the Ibec Digital Economy Policy Committee, Alastair Blair. 

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