Ibec launches latest campaign




  • Ibec launches new 2018 campaign – Better Lives, Better Business
  • Talent attraction and retention being hurt by housing and infrastructural deficits
  • 80,000 additional construction workers needed to build out new Ireland



Ireland’s economy is currently at an historic watermark. The pace of the turnaround from recession to recovery and into our new growth phase has been remarkable. Disposable incomes are rising and spreading through Irish society.


And yet whilst a greater private affluence is emerging, it is developing against the backdrop of wholly inadequate public infrastructure. Significant problems are becoming apparent across a range of areas from talent shortages to housing and transport congestion. In their everyday lives, people are experiencing a rationing in housing stock, road space, schooling and water services.


Better Lives, Better Business, is designed along four key pillars – housing, infrastructure, planning and sustainability


In Ibec’s new campaign, Better Lives, Better Business, we have designed a programme along four key pillars – housing, infrastructure, planning and sustainability.


To solve our problems over the coming decades, Ibec estimates that circa 36,000 new homes per annum will be required between 2018 and 2046 with at least 80,000 new construction workers required to deliver this level of output.


How do we get there? Our new report, ‘Better Housing: Actions to increase affordable supply’, has made recommendations that include:


• Measures to drive down the cost of development land including the introduction of a new land value tax.


• Convene the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs to map out how to provide the workers required to overcome considerable capacity constraints.


• A stable property related tax environment that offers a degree of certainty.


• A new urban housing regime that accommodates 21st century height and density requirements.


• Build more social housing – it is far more cost effective than spending billions of euro on rental assistance programmes.


To read Better Lives, Better Business, and for further information, please go to our dedicated website.

Photographed are, from left to right; Ibec President Edel Creely and Vice President International HR, Fitbit, Clodagh Logue