New report lays out future EU priorities


By Pat Ivory, Director of EU and International Affairs


Ibec held a well-attended launch of a new priorities document, ‘Ireland in the EU: Focus on the future’, in Brussels on 10 December 2019. At the festive event, where the guest of honour was Frances Fitzgerald MEP, Ibec set out the key areas that the new European Commission and Parliament should focus on over the next five years. The campaign document lays out six key priorities for Irish business in relation to the EU during the 2019 – 2024 institutional cycle.

These include unlocking the potential of the Single Market, embracing digital transformation, leading the world in trade and investment, embracing competitive taxation policy, respecting member state competency to design labour market and social policy, and tackling climate change. To read the full report, please visit the Ibec website.


Pictured at the report launch are Pat Ivory, Director of EU and International Affairs; Frances Fitzgerald MEP; and Danny McCoy, Ibec CEO. 

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