Irish universities campaign to boost higher education



  • ‘Save Our Spark’ campaign seeks new investment in higher education
  • 25,000 additional students entering the system over the next decade
  • Ireland is set to fall further behind in the international rankings



The Irish Universities Association (IUA) has launched a campaign to highlight the substantial state investment that will be required to accommodate 25,000 additional students entering the system over the next decade. Entitled ‘Save Our Spark’, the campaign highlights the need for resources to improve student access, for institutions to become centres of lifelong learning and to protect the reputation of Ireland’s research and innovation centres.

The campaign is closely aligned with Ibec’s own position on higher education funding. We have argued that following reductions in public expenditure on education over the last decade and with rising student numbers, Ireland is set to fall further behind its competitors in the international rankings for higher education unless decisive fiscal action is taken. Ibec believes monies from the Government’s so-called ‘rainy day’ fund should be redirected to higher education investment.


As part of the campaign, the IUA has also developed a charter, setting out six commitments to deliver a fit-for-purpose university system:

1. Build on the quality of the student experience in a digital age
2. Increase the scale, scope and impact of investment in research and innovation
3. Expand student access and increase engagement with communities and industry
4. Support a programme of staff development, increased equality and diversity
5. Create more flexible and accountable structures
6. Secure investment and resources to achieve our ambitions


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