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Welcome to IBEC Agenda - April 2010

In this issue we are pleased to note that business sentiment appears to be improving. The extension on defined benefit pension funding proposals will give companies some valuable breathing room. We highlight our new corporate restructuring guidelines, health and safety courses, and updated guidelines on employing Bulgarian and Romanian citizens. We also welcome the innovation taskforce report, which has a number of measures that are positive for business. Finally, we draw your attention to new proposed waste levies, which will increase costs for business.
Enterprise will lead economic recovery
The business community, for its part, is ready and able to again play a major role in the recovery, writes Danny McCoy...
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IBEC launches corporate restructuring guidelines
In response to the growing number of insolvencies, IBEC has developed a set of corporate restructuring guidelines to help member companies overcome present challenges...
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Human resources
IBEC health and safety training courses and information
The courses look at developing the use of internal resources for managing the issues that directly affect employers...
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Updated guidelines on employing Bulgarian and Romanian citizens
Although Bulgaria and Romania have been EU members since 2007, nationals from these countries are not automatically entitled to work in Ireland...
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Economic affairs
Seeds of recovery need to be fostered
Though the economy has suffered a tremendous body blow, the focus must now be to restore the economy to a productive dynamic force...
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Businesses more optimistic: IBEC survey
The latest IBEC quarterly sentiment survey shows that companies are now more confident about the future...
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Enterprise & infrastructure
IBEC welcomes move to deregulate energy market
IBEC welcomed the CER's decision to deregulate the retail electricity market, but warned that a regime of monitoring and remedies is quired to protect business consumers...
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Telecoms industry estimates a potential cost of €2.5bn to build NGA infrastructure
TIF, the IBEC group that represents the telecoms industry, launched a report on Next Generation Access (NGA) networks and the challenges associated with providing this critical infrastructure...
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International affairs
EU customs initiative will facilitate trade
The single authorisation will enable companies to complete customs declarations from one country, regardless of point of entry to the EU...
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European Commission adopts 2010 work programme
The new EU Commission has presented its first work programme, which outlines its ambitions and commitments for 2010 and the coming years...
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Social affairs
National skills strategy more important than ever
Education and training at all levels of progression have an essential role to play in putting our economy back on a growth path...
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Industry/education partnership group to support and promote Project Maths
The Project Maths implementation group is developing proposals on how business, second level and higher education can work together to improve mathematics standards...
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