Smarter World, Smarter Work


Ibec has launched a new campaign, Smarter World, Smarter Work, which calls for a range of reforms to prepare Ireland for a new era of work. Globalisation, rapid digitalisation, changing lifestyles and new consumer preferences mean jobs and careers are being transformed. The future of work is more exciting, but also less predictable.


The Ibec campaign looks at what is changing and sets out an ambitious vision for our economy, our society and our organisations. It proposes a range of actions across four key areas: Investment in skills and employability, flexibility at all life stages, a dynamic labour market and smoother career transitions. For a full overview click here.


Three separate reports have already been launched as part of this work:

  • Graduate skills: A new report, Future ready: improving graduate employability skills, calls for more investment in education, additional support for academic staff, a uniform approach to work experience and placements, and a greater involvement of business in curriculum design and delivery.
  • Career guidance: Rapid labour market change demands an overhaul of our guidance system so that individuals of all ages can make better, more informed choice about their futures.
  • Informed choices: Career guidance in an uncertain world identifies how the current system is not meeting the needs of students and those already in the labour market, and sets out what needs to change.
  • Gender pay gap reporting: Mandatory gender pay gap reporting is on the way, with legislation currently being drafted. A new guide ‘Mind the Gap: An introduction to gender pay gap reporting’, introduces the issue, explains the gender pay gap, what causes it and how it can be addressed. It also provides an update on the current state of play in Ireland and looks at what we can learn from the UK experience.

For more information contact Joanne Reynolds, Ibec communications and campaigns,

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