Brexit update - A new guide for business



  • Clock running down for negotiations as European Council meets
  • Business needs to prepare for all eventualities
  • Ibec launches Brexit guide with Accenture


June's 2018 European Council is an important milestone in Brexit negotiations. It had been hoped that significant progress would have been made towards resolving the Northern Ireland border issue. However, no major breakthrough is expected. Time is running out. The EU has set an October deadline for the details of the UK withdrawal to be finalised, but we have a long way to go. This is before we even get into detailed discussions on what the future EU-UK relationship will look like. The two sides remain far apart, and the UK is preoccupied with managing its own internal Brexit divisions.

All of this is bad news for business. We may yet see an outcome that keeps the UK closely aligned to the EU into the future, but there are no guarantees. Major employers in the UK are making their voices heard in the debate, highlighting the massive risks of a disorderly Brexit. But the lack of progress in talks means that there remains a possibility of talks breaking down altogether. The UK is not yet prepared to face up to the hard choices that Brexit presents, especially as the official position, with its red lines, will be hard to step back from politically.


The need for businesses to prepare for all eventualities remains

The need for businesses to prepare for all eventualities remains. Ibec, together with Accenture, has produced a comprehensive guide to support businesses in this process. We have just launched a new update online version of this guide which is available here. The guide sets out the potential high level economic consequences of Brexit, examines how different sectors and different parts of your business might be affected and provides practical advice on how to plan. It is an invaluable resource during these very uncertain times.