Plotting Ireland's carbon journey to 2050



  • New Government draft 10-year plan due in January
  • Ibec to publish roadmap to 2050
  • Members encouraged to participate in planning project


In January 2019, the Government will publish a draft 10-year plan setting out how Ireland will meet its commitments to reduce carbon emissions. Getting this plan right is crucial.

A poor plan will see an unequal share of the burden falling on business, higher energy costs, a weakening of national energy security and a hit to competitiveness. A good plan will see Ireland move from an overdependence on imported fossil fuels to a low carbon economy in a way that is cost effective, protects competitiveness and does not leave business behind. Such a plan would include supports for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, a switch to renewable fuels and maximising resource efficiency. The Government will launch a consultation on this draft plan in the new year.

To help shape this plan, Ibec will launch its very own low carbon transition roadmap early in January. This document will set out Ibec’s vision for the year 2050 and a viable pathway that Ireland can take in 2019 to realise this ambition. It will also identify the policy interventions needed to encourage behavioural changes and drive investment in energy efficiency, renewables, afforestation and other low carbon technologies.

The roadmap will be launched in February 2019 and is part of Ibec’s wider Better Lives, Better Business campaign. If you would like to know more about this project and get involved, please contact Conor Minogue on 01 605 1697 or 

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